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Scabies Pictures Rash

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Scarlet Fever In Children
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bethany says:

scarlet fever is horrible! I found out a lot more information over at and it allowed me to identify it in my daughter who is now well!

Johanne B. Bellemore says:

Ok! please help me ....what the name at this rash, because I'm tired of it. I'm with the specialist for long time and he can't find the sickness I add and all the medicine and cream he give me doesn't work. Coast me a fortune and make me crazy with this itching. I add this for 16 years and I'm tired to have it. It's come bigger and bigger all time. Thanks a lot

Michael says:

Hi, thanks for sharing these pictures showing the scarlet fever. Can I cite your pictures in a textbook? I'll note your website address in the discriptions of the pictures. Can you give me the permission to do that? Please contact me throught my e-mail, since I failed to locate your e-mail on the website. Thanks.

Joyce Penner says:

My 6 year old little girl got her flu shot 6 days ago that night was sick with fever and sore throat then the next day broke out with scarlet fever really bad from head to toe and a swollen red face with the discoloration then then 3 days later developed her first bladder infection she still has the rash but now is throwing up could this have effected her kidneys?

ballsack says:

u guys are nasty pigs maranos

popo says:


alisha says:

does any 1 kno if the skin turns a purpleish when its healing??

BoosieLexx says:

I dont understand how kaleb wilson andafanszha get on here saying this is nasty and they scare you, they cannot control that so shut up and stop being ignorant its people all over the world with "Scarlet Fever" and trust me you will see more dont act like your so special!!! you better be carfeful what you say about people because it may happen to you or someone you love!!!

afanszha says:

You guys scare me

andrea mc donagh says:

My 5yr old daughter was diagnosed wit Scarlet Fever yesterday. Her symtoms consist only of a sore throat and a pink rash on most of her body but i cannot feel the rash as there is no spots , bumps or rough feeling on the skin! Some parts of the rash is in cirles and disapears for a second when u rub your finger or a glass over it. She doesnt seem to find it itchy or sore either. GP prescribed antibiotic & creams! I was looking through images on children with Scarlet Fever but havnt really come across ones like my daughters and I am a bit concerned even though she has no high fever and is in great form and her appetite is still very good too. If anyone knows if this type of rash is normal, Please comment! Thank you...

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